ACDQ 18.1 Scorecard, Description.
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ACDQ 18.2 & 18.3 Scorecard, Description.
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(Yes there is a mistake in the video. With a time cap of 13 Minutes!)

Before you start each workout, make sure you do the following:


Read the event descriptions carefully.

Read and understand the workout descriptions and standards. Make every rep count!


Print out score cards for each workout.

 These Score Cards must be used by your coach to effectively judge you in-person. 


If Workouts are performed at an affiliate you do NOT have to take a video!


Independent Athletes only!

Record a video of your workout. 

In order to qualify you MUST attach a full length video of your qualifying WOD. This must include a clearly seen timer and we must see a breakdown of the equipment used. Please also state both of your names what qualifier you are competing at the start of your recording. To do this, have a friend or coach record you doing the workout and upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. You may need to increase your limit on YouTube to allow a longer video.


Submitting your scores for approval.

After you have completed your workout and recorded your score, log in to your athlete profile on WODcast. Then enter in your score into the form field next to the workout you have just completed. (Independent athletes, please copy and paste the link from YouTube or Vimeo into the form field.) Then click submit and await score approval from your affiliate.


How to get your score approved and ranked on the leaderboard.

If scores are not submitted and verified by the deadline, they will not be valid and you will not be ranked. Once your score is submitted into WODcast, it must be approved by a coach from your affiliate to show up on the leaderboard. 



Registration closes July 23rd 2018 (20:00 CEST). 


Scores must be submitted until July 23rd 20:00 (CEST).


It is your responsibility to submit scores on time. Late scores will not be accepted!!! No exception what so ever!!!

If you are among the best athletes in your category you will receive an Invitation to The Austrian Champions Day 2018 by wodcast email.

Qualified athletes need to accept their invitation and register for the final event before August 5th 2018 (20:00h CEST). 

After that the organizer holds back the right to forward wildcards to fill open spots. 


Looking forward meeting all of you great athletes this fall in the 2000 square meter arena.

*Online registrations are not refundable!